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Keeping You and Your Family Safe For Over 30 Years 

It is very important to have your fireplace cleaned regularly. This will ensure that you can use your fireplace worry free knowing that your home and family are safe and sound.

Avalon Chimney Sweeps will send an experienced technician out to clean and inspect your fireplace system. A drop cloth is laid down in front of the fireplace, the firebox walls are brushed down, the areas above below and around the damper are cleaned. Next we make several passes up and down the flue with our rods and brush, whisping away the creosote dust away. throughout the entire cleaning we are inspecting your system making sure it is safe for continued use.

If your chimney is in need of repair, Call Avalon Chimney Sweeps we will repair it  satisfaction guaranteed. Whether it needs to be tuck-pointed or rebuilt, new construction or  pre-existing. We will not only repair the chimney we will make sure the root of the problem is addressed rather than make a repair that will need to be readdressed at a later date. We have repaired and rebuilt chimneys in Plainfield,  Joliet's Cathedral Area, Crest Hill, New Lenox, Morris, Braidwood, Coal City, Naperville, Aurora Oswego. We have probably repaired several chimneys in your area or even your neighbors. 

Chimney accessories
Animal Removal

We carry most sizes of chimney covers on out truck, to keep out birds squirrels and raccoons and they also help protest from excessive rain coming down the chimney.

If you are experiencing excessive down drafts Theas top mount damper assemblies are the curt in most cases. Plus they keep the fireplace from sucking out the heat and air-conditioning. The average fireplace causes the home to loose around 7% of the houses energy year round, that can add up to several hundreds of dollars each year.

Occasionally you may get a bird, squirrel or raccoon in your chimney, if you don't have a cover. In most cases they can be removed and without harm. Leaving the animals to utilize the chimney can be unhealthy. You can contract Histoplasmosis a fungal lung disease. Your house could become infested with fleas. and if something fell in and can't get out it could die and cause an infestation of maggots and flies.

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When a fireplace flue is damaged or breached a stainless steel liner is need to be installed to make the flue safe for burning wood or gas. A lot of older homes have chimneys that were designed to handle less efficient appliances that spewed out a higher volume of gasses at much greater temperatures. The newer appliances using the chimney (Furnace/Boiler and or Hot Water Herter) require a smaller area for venting because they are more efficient and produce a lesser volume of exhaust gasses at lower temperatures. So when venting newer and more efficient appliances excessive condensation and moisture is generated and absorbed into brick and mortar. This will damage the chimney and cause it to fall apart.  

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